Why depression should be treated

The most common civilization disease is depression - it can be said that it is a sign of our times. It usually develops slowly and imperceptibly. The patient's mood is lowering gradually, a person is becoming less and less active both in his/her personal and professional life, is reluctant to get in contact with the environment. A person affected by depression usually avoids others, withdraws into himself/herself, escapes in solitude. In severe depression, a person does not see any future for him/her, is convinced of the irreversibility of the current situation, and frequently there are persecutory delusions and a sense of guilt. Sometimes the patient is convinced that he/she is responsible for all the evils of this world. Blames himself/herself even for minor problems of his/her friends and family, or exaggerates them.

Depression can be contracted at any stage of life, you can not ignore even minor signals and signs. That is why the diagnosis and appropriate treatment are so important!

Why depression should be treated?

Because it is worth to:

  • Restore the meaning of life.
  • To wake up and fall asleep happy.
  • Enjoy the small pleasures.
  • Feel joy and satisfaction in daily life.
  • Look at life optimistically and prospectively.
  • Not to blame yourself for everything and every failure.
  • Regain self-esteem.

Depression is a treatable disease! But the sick person needs not only specialized help but also the support of a loved one to be able to return to the proper functioning in society. The reaction of community, giving a helping hand and sometimes even bringing the patient to see the doctor is just as important as the therapy itself. The sick person does not believe in a better tomorrow, wants to die, because he/she believes that it is the only way to solve all problems. The above symptoms can not be ignored, as many as 15% of cases end in suicide.