Our offer

Proposed modules within the Work Life Balance program:

  • Lectures for employees discussing selected, individual civilization diseases or comprehensively all of them in terms of Work Life Balance - max. 40 employees, four hours, one teacher trainer, self-study materials, test diagnosing the discussed area before or during the lecture.
  • Workshop for managers including selected, individual diseases and how to manage a team in the face of these diseases or covering all the civilization diseases - max. 15 participants, eight hours, one-two coaches (to be determined), self-study materials, diagnostic tests before or during the workshop.
  • Meeting with a specialist - as an open day or individual consultations at the Client's or Foundation's location (independent online consultations via the Wemenders.com portal).
  • Self-study materials - books, classes, methods of coping - in the form of a pencil-paper or multimedia, in addition to or as independent action for the employees who are beyond the reach or don't have opportunity for personal participation in those activities).
  • Diagnostic tests for development of civilization diseases (workaholism test, professional burnout test, stress level test, depression test) - available online through a secure platform or paper-pencil forming an activity associated with the training project or independent diagnostic tools for the employees of the Company.


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