Causes of depression

The time of academic education is a time of hard work, cognitive effort, the highest intellectual activity. For many students it is also a carefree time of fun, socializing and enjoying all the charms of life. This time, however, frequently is associated with a very strong, long-term stress. The combination of this phenomenon with other difficult events can lead to deterioration of mood and psychological well-being. In many cases, the persistent deterioration of general well-being can lead to symptoms of Depression.

The cause of depression among students can be:

  • Moving from a small town, hometown,
  • Separation from home, family, friends,
  • Problems with self-esteem resulting from the clach of one's high requirements addressed at himself/herself and the real or imagined pressure from the community,
  • Acting under excessive stress,
  • Taking too many tasks at the same time,
  • Assimilating large amount of material in a short time (colloquia, exams),
  • Contact with new people with different views, approach to life (conflicts among peers),
  • The difference in financial status, which has a direct influence on access to knowledge, culture, art and fashionable clothes,
  • Poor financial situation,
  • Consuming large amounts of alcohol at student parties,
  • Fatigue,
  • Too little sleep.