Counselling for Business

The market situation and growing pressure in a professional environment causes rapidly increasing risk of lifestyle diseases, and doctors and specialists have reported an increasing importance of new disorders. In addition to physical illness (such as diabetes or hypertension), there are those related to the mental sphere, which pose new challenges for employers. Their occurrence is closely related with the increasing pace of life, greater demands and challenges. The most serious ones include stress, workaholism, professional burnout and depression. Their appearance interferes with the effectiveness of employees, leading even to a complete inability to work. The spread of psychological occupational diseases requires new approach to employee performance and a view at the phenomenon of their satisfaction also from the perspective of long-term capacity for professional activity and involvement.

Within the Counselling for Business, we offer employers support in development and improvement of the efficiency of employees.

The Wemenders Foundation offers unique activities for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization diseases such as depression, professional burnout, workaholism, stress (Work Life Balance issues). As part of our social projects, we also offer educational activities dedicated to Organizations and their employees. They are: senior's depression, children's and adolescents' depression, postpartum depression, as well as in the field of psychooncology. Within each subject, we offer open and closed lectures, workshops, support groups, online consultation, open days with a specialist, and in many areas also a test diagnosing occurrence of a given disease, a disorder in individuals participating in the study or their loved ones.