Project purposes

Project purposes:

  • Increasing knowledge about the Work Life Balance and risk of psychological civilization diseases (workaholism, stress, professional burnout, depression)
  • Acquiring knowledge about the specifics of each disease, causes, symptoms, effects and treatment
  • Learning how to recognize diseases and cope with their symptoms
  • Active assistance in the face of danger or of occurrence of psychological civilization diseases in the organization
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to manage a team of employees, in which there are civilization diseases.


Within the proposed actions, you will learn about:

  • Specific and nonspecific symptoms of each disease
  • Consequences of ignoring the symptoms of the disease
  • Methods of dealing with risk factors
  • Importance of effective reduction of tension in maintaining well-being and high efficiency
  • Effective actions in the face of one of the diseases
  • Techniques of coping during illness
  • Importance of specialist help and support from environment
  • Effective recovery
  • Techniques of recognizing each of the diseases in ourselves and in others
  • Ways of managing employees with any of the diseases and the team in which the disease occurred/occurs.