Work Life Balance

Building an appropriate organizational culture based on a balance between personal and professional life allows to maintain high activity and overall satisfaction, which translates directly proportionally to job performance, commitment and loyalty to the Employer. Often, the employees themselves aren't aware of the risks, which are inherent to the professional pursuit, thinking that temporary dedication to job is quite natural in the course of career. Unfortunately, the imbalance between the different aspects of life, invariably leads to an increase in tension, which in turn leads to a decrease of satisfaction, increased frustration. In the long term perspective, which is assumed by each organization investing in its employees and self-development, it's the first step to an excessive stress, workaholism, professional burnout, and even depression. Employers' activity and their awareness of the risks could lead to an effective reduction of development of these diseases, and thus the long-term increase in profits.

Project purposes:

    • Increasing knowledge about the Work Life Balance and risk of psychological civilization diseases (workaholism, stress, professional burnout, depression)
    • Acquiring knowledge about the specifics of each disease, causes, symptoms, effects and treatment
    • Learning how to recognize diseases and cope with their symptoms
    • Active assistance in the face of danger or of occurrence of psychological civilization diseases in the organization
    • Acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to manage a team of employees, in which there are civilization diseases.


Within the proposed actions, you will learn about:

  • Specific and nonspecific symptoms of each disease
  • Consequences of ignoring the symptoms of the disease
  • Methods of dealing with risk factors
  • Importance of effective reduction of tension in maintaining well-being and high efficiency
  • Effective actions in the face of one of the diseases
  • Techniques of coping during illness
  • Importance of specialist help and support from environment
  • Effective recovery
  • Techniques of recognizing each of the diseases in ourselves and in others
  • Ways of managing employees with any of the diseases and the team in which the disease occurred/occurs.


Benefits for the company from the implementation of the Work Life Balance project by the Wemenders Foundation:

  • Increasing efficiency and commitment of employees
  • Maintaining employees' satisfaction
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Reducing costs associated with fluctuation
  • Reducing costs of recruitment
  • Reducing cost of health care benefits
  • Strengthening the employerbranding
  • Increasing competitiveness as an employer
  • Strengthening employees' identification with the organization
  • Increasing effectiveness of the training and development activities
  • Increasing economic performance.


Proposed modules within the Work Life Balance program:

  • Lectures for employees discussing selected, individual civilization diseases or comprehensively all of them in terms of Work Life Balance - max. 40 employees, four hours, one teacher trainer, self-study materials, test diagnosing the discussed area before or during the lecture.
  • Workshop for managers including selected, individual diseases and how to manage a team in the face of these diseases or covering all the civilization diseases - max. 15 participants, eight hours, one-two coaches (to be determined), self-study materials, diagnostic tests before or during the workshop.
  • Meeting with a specialist - as an open day or individual consultations at the Client's or Foundation's location (independent online consultations via the portal).
  • Self-study materials - books, classes, methods of coping - in the form of a pencil-paper or multimedia, in addition to or as independent action for the employees who are beyond the reach or don't have opportunity for personal participation in those activities).
  • Diagnostic tests for development of civilization diseases (workaholism test, professional burnout test, stress level test, depression test) - available online through a secure platform or paper-pencil forming an activity associated with the training project or independent diagnostic tools for the employees of the Company.


For more information on the Work Life Balance Program, simply write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will contact you to in order to specify your needs.