Why depression should be treated

The word Depression is frequently overused, it is often stigmatized but as often avoided for fear that symptoms of depression are starting to be evident and we are afraid to admit it openly. But, in fact, Depression is a serious illness that has many incarnations and faces, symptoms are common, but everyone experiences the illness in a different way and it may not be fully known what is a symptom of depression, and what is a sign of other disorders. That is why the diagnosis and appropriate treatment are so important!

Why depression should be treated?

Why one should seek help of a psychiatrist?:

Because it is not worth to:

  • Waste time living in isolation.
  • Wake up and fall asleep with a sense of guilt and a lack of perspectives for the next day.
  • Stop enjoying wordly privileges (movies, concerts, social events, access to knowledge, etc.).
  • Feel constant sadness and misery.
  • See life in dark colors.
  • Blame oneself for everything and believe that nothing makes sense.

Depression is a treatable disease, even if the patient has a complete lack of hope and a sense of futility of further existence. Unfortunately, the longer it goes untreated, the worse, because it gets more difficult to cure. Symptoms get worse, and the effects may be irreversible. That is why the response of family and community is so important, sometimes you have to help the person who is sick, take them by the hand and take them to see the doctor because such people don't see the need or sense to do it. They don't believe that the world will change, want to die, because they think that this will solve all problems. Do not ignore the above-mentioned symptoms and behaviors because as much as 15% of cases end in suicide attempt.