Therapy with heart

The reason why we started the "Therapy with Heart" program was the need for creating communities of specialists who are committed to treating depression and also take active measures to prevent civilization diseases. The need for such place resulted in a program which supports and promotes the best specialists. By promoting such people, we create modern image of therapy and support for the patients. What is of particular importance to us, is a comprehensive approach presented by a specialist. We promote people who can provide a real support not only to the patients, but also to their family and friends. We would like to invite specialists - who are constantly improving their knowledge about new methods of treatment and support for people suffering from depression and their relatives and friends - to join the "Therapy with Heart" program. It is also important that they are willing to share their knowledge and actively contribute to shaping the experience of young specialists. We promote people and institutions that are open and willing to contribute to society. People who, with the use of their own experience and knowledge, want to change the image of depression also outside the walls of their office. Participants of the "Therapy with Heart" program are professionally active in many areas - both therapeutic practices and developing other specialists, actively participating in various seminars and actions related to the issue of depression.

We believe that the creation and constant development of such communities will allow for the effective promotion of proper forms of help. By supporting outstanding specialists, we allow them for further development and promotion of good therapeutic practices.

The accession criteria to the "Therapy with Heart" program are available after submission.

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A specialist honored with title will receive from the Wemenders Foundation:

  1. The certificate confirming "Specialist with Heart" title
  2. A featured profile of a specialist on the Wemenders portal
  3. The name of a specialist along with a photograph will be placed in a special section dedicated best specialists in their field
  4. Discounts on the services provided by the portal

Institutions can also receive "Place with Heart" title For this to happen, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. A specialist or specialists honored with "Specialist with Heart" title are employees of a given institution
  2. Specialist/specialists are registered users of our portal