Symptoms of Depression

Some of the symptoms of depression can be observed directly at the University. Their occurrence should be a signal to other Students and Lecturers that something might be bothering their friend or student.

Symptoms suggesting that a student may struggle with depression include:

  • Avoiding company, going to student parties, pubs
  • Decreased concentration, learning problems
  • Outbursts of anger, irritability, tearfulness, lack of control over emotions
  • Giving up easily
  • Withdrawing into oneself
  • Excessive sleepiness or insomnia
  • Eating habits different than before - suddenly begins to overeat
  • or stops eating
  • Feeling of exhaustion, decreased efficiency and increased self-doubt
  • Self-reluctance, which in some cases results in desire to take one's own life
  • Abuse of alcohol or other drugs as a way to feel better
  • Self-multilation
  • Palpable emotional tension, physical discomfort, pain and low self-esteem
  • Sudden deterioration in academic performance
  • Decrease in activity in the classroom
  • Loss of interest in the subject
  • Skipping classes frequently
  • If your friend from the University says that he/she:
  • Suffers from frequent mood swings,
  • Feels unspecified fear of the unknown ground - does not know what he/she is afraid of but is afraid,
  • Feels stressed out,
  • Is exhausted and has the feeling of chronic fatigue,
  • Can not cope with his/her own life and with increasing problems,
  • Wants to give up and leave everything,
  • Says that nothing makes sense, and feels that he/she is hopeless,
  • Blames himself/herself for all the failures.

This may be a sign of symptoms, do not ignore them!