Outsourcing shows

On 17-18 October in Warsaw EXPO XXI held OUTSOURCING show - Support for your Business. Wemenders Foundation is one of the exhibitors.


Happening on World Mental Health Day

Yesterday, on October the 10th, there was celebrated World Mental Health Day. On this occasion Eagerly Together Campain oragnised a happening "Shadow and Light" in Warsaw. Wemenders Foundation as one of the organizers of the campaign, also took part in it.


Events of the Psychooncology projects

Please note that all events of the Psychooncology project: lectures, workshops and support groups will be postponed to a later date. More information will follow soon. You can still register for all events.

Elderly depression - thanks

On 10.03.2013 was the second lecture on elderly depression, led by the Foundation's expert, dr Dorothy 艁ukaszuk. The lecture was one of the series of lectures in the information and education campaign "Eagerly Together 2013".


An invitation to a conference

Wemenders Foundation received an invitation to participate in the conference "We all get old - together decide how" that will be held on 14.10.2013 in Warsaw. Wemenders Foundation's expert,dr Dorota 艁ukaszuk, a geriatrician, will present the lecture about depression occurring in retirement.

New partners on projects

On the subpage Partners there are new organizations with whom we started working. They are: Polish Cancer Patient Coalition, Centre for people with special needs "Under the Wings" House and the Social Welfare Centre of district Ochota. These organizations are partners of the Wemenders Foundation in the Psychooncology project.

Lecture on Psychooncology

If your close is suffering from cancer, we could support you. We will help you survive and find the strength! Within the Psychooncology project Wemenders Foundation cordially invite you to a lecture, which will take place on 26 September 2013 at 18.00-20.00  in the "Under the Wings" House, ul. Gr贸jecka 109 in Warsaw.


Elderly depression

We cordially invite you to a lecture about what is really depression like. How to find out that someone is suffering from depression? How to recognize it? What to say and when is better not to speak? And finally: how not to miss the beginning of the disease in relatives? How to help avoid depression? 


Free lectures about depression in Warsaw

We invite you for free lectures and workshops about depression in Warsaw, this October!
What are the symptoms of depression? How to recognize the disease? Wemenders Foundation as part of the campaign "Eagerly Together 2013" offers free lectures, workshops and psychological consultations with the heading "Depression is not a taboo."


Grants for a new projects

We are very pleased to announce that the Wemenders Foundation has received a grant from PZU Foundation and it is launching two new projects.


New expert

Wemenders Foundation is pleased to welcome prominent psychiatrist, Dr Krystyn Wac艂aw Czerniejewski, as one of our experts. 


New partner

We are pleased to announce that Media Rodzina Publishing has become a new partner of Wemenders Foundation.

We have reasons to celebrate!

It's the first anniversary of the portal. Thus, the first major project of our Wemenders Foundation is completed - creating a place on the Internet, which is a compendium of knowledge about depression, but also the place where a community will be created.


44 Congress of Polish Psychiatrists

On 27 - 29 June took place in Lublin 44 Congress of Polish Psychiatrists. A representative of Wemenders Foundation had the pleasure to host the congress and present findings from research about psychiatry and psychiatrists in Poland. Thank you very much.

Therapy with heart certificates

Wemenders Foundation decided to grant professionals who excel in their commitment to the holistic care of patients and and honored them with a "Therapist with heart" Certificate.


Lecture in Warsaw

Yesterday, on 9 April, we took place our next lecture in the series "Depression is not a taboo" in the Academy of Finance and Business "Vistula" in Warsaw. A lecture was held by a Wemenders Foundation expert - Sandra Waszniewska, psychologist and therapist. We would like to thank the Academy Vistula for help in organizing the event and thank all participants for the activity and the presence on the lecture. 


Survey for Poles living abroad

After a study of that gave a view on psychiatry in Poland, it's time for a survey for Poles living abroad. Wemenders Foundation decided to support persons living on emigration, looking for responsible, conscientious mental health professionals. 


Invitation to a lecture in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that the next lecture in the series "Depression is not a taboo" will be held at the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula in Warsaw, ul. Stok艂osy 3, on the 9th of April at 12:00 am. The lecture will be in Polish.


Wemenders Foundation in OFOP

Since March 2013 the Foundation Wemenders became a member of the National Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations. The aim of the Federation is to ensure good social and legal environment for the activities of the third sector. OFOP take the initiative on behalf of its members.


The "Crisis situations of modern family" conference

The Wemenders Foundation was invited to participate in the "Crisis situations of modern family", which takes place today, March 21 at the Voivodeship House of Culture in Kielce. The meeting promoter is the Regional Center Of Social Policy of the Office of the Marshall.


Lecture in Gda艅sk

On the 5th of March, there was another public lecture titled "Depression is not a taboo" prepared by the Foundation Wemenders in cooperation with the School of Banking in Gdansk. Thank you for attending and actively participate in lectures. 


Language versions of portal portal was launched in two languages: English and German. We hope that through this we could get round also to foreign users. 

Completion of the reserch

In early March, we completed online survey on views on psychiatry in Poland. We have accumulated more than 1,000 questionnaires. Thank you very much for participating in the study.


Polish Depression Day

23th of February is Polish Depression Day. On this occasion, in order to raise awareness about this disease, we have prepared 11 most common myths associated with depression who want to overthrow it. Every day for the next 11 days we will present a myth and explain what the truth is. Let's disprove the myths about depression together.


We invite you to a lecture in Gdansk

The Wemenders Foundation is pleased to invite you to the next open lecture in the series "Depresja to nie tabu". This time we will meet in Gdansk. The lecture will be held on March 5, 2013 (Tuesday) at 01:00 p.m. at Gdansk School of Banking, located at ul. 呕abi Kruk 12 in Gdansk, Unimor building room 108, first floor.


Meet our team

We introduce the new team of the Wemenders Foundation. Together we work to educate and provide support for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization diseases. If you want to get to know us, go to " Team ".


Survey on psychiatry

We invite you to participate in the opinion survey on psychiatry in Poland prepared by the Wemenders Foundation.


The results of research on depression in work

Recent studies of the European Depression Association (EDA) have shown that as many as 10% of workers in European countries take time off work due to depression. This gives a total of more than 21 000 working days absences associated with this disease. A single episode of depression excludes the sick person from work for an average of 36 days.


Blue Monday

January 21, 2013 was referred to as the most depressing day of the year. This day, known as Blue Monday, was calculated by a British psychologist Cliff Arnall with the use of a special formula. When constructing a mathematical model, he took into account weather, psychological and economic factors. The level of depression of that day is determined by such factors as low level of sunlight, loans taken for the holidays, the time elapsed since Christmas, and the awareness of not keeping New Year's resolutions.


"Depresja to nie tabu" in Pozna艅

On Sunday 20/01/2013 at the School of Banking in Poznan, there was held the second lecture in the series "Depresja to nie tabu". This cycle is a project of the Wemenders Foundation carrying out free open lectures for students and faculty members of universities throughout the country. The program aims at familiarizing young people with the dangerous disease that is depression and improving the competence of researchers in the field of caring for the students' peace of mind. The institutions that will decide to organize a lecture in cooperation with the Foundation, will be awarded a "Sensitive University" certificate.