We have reasons to celebrate!

It's the first anniversary of the portal. Thus, the first major project of our Wemenders Foundation is completed - creating a place on the Internet, which is a compendium of knowledge about depression, but also the place where a community will be created.


The community of people who are familiar with the issue of depression, and who, together with us, want to spread knowledge about depression. The portal, initially operating only in Polish, and now translated into English and German, gathers more than 700 members, including more than eighty experts who are ready to help. Number of hits since the beginning of the portal exceeded 150 000. At that time, we were visited by users from 56 countries. In total, we have published for you more than 70 copyright articles, and the depression test posted on the site was filled in almost 6000 times! But the website isn't just articles and test - in addition to the written materials now there are also multimedia ones - audio and video, and their number is constantly growing. We can proudly say that we have created a website that we dreamed of. This was achieved thanks to our partners, volunteers and all members of our community. Thank you, without you it wouldn't have succeeded!

Another opportunity to celebrate is the fact that one of our profiles on social networking site facebook - Depresja to s艂owo (Depression is a word) - has gathered the first five hundred fans. This is a proof that our joint activities to publicize the problem is bearing fruit. We would like to thank you for your commitment, for all the likes and comments. It is thanks to you that this difficult subject is becoming more and more available. Together we cause that depression is no longer a taboo.

We are happy also because the number of our specialists is growing. We permanently cooperate with eight experts. Our group was joined by new eminent specialists who give lectures and conduct workshops, and support the Foundation in substance. Thanks to them our Foundation is dealing with more and more broad range of topics within depression and other civilization diseases, and is able to bring real help to more and more people in need. With their knowledge, experience and commitment, we are expanding our knowledge base and we can offer better education and development to those who are searching for it.
Our initiative of open lectures was a huge success. Lectures for students "Depression is not a taboo" were held in four cities: Torun, Poznan, Gdansk and Warsaw, gathering a total of over two hundred listeners. Since October, we start with next ones.

During the year, we also launched the "Therapy with heart" program. Thanks to it we were able to distinguish fifteen therapists presenting a special commitment to the holistic treatment of patients. - we honored them with a "Therapist with heart" certificate, and the institutions where they work with a "Institution with heart" certificate. Granting such number of certificates at the beginning of the program is a reason to be proud, because it means that we can offer our users a professional and committed therapists, and their number is still growing. Wanting to change the picture of mental health, we have completed the 鈥濷g贸lnopolskie badania postaw Polak贸w wobec psychiatr贸w" (National survey of attitudes of Polish people towards psychiatrists). Over 2500 people participated in it, and the results were presented at the 44th Congress of Polish Psychiatrists.


Over the past year we have done a lot, we won't rest on our laurels. We continue to develop and to function dynamically. We want to keep getting better at what we do.
The portal will be translated into other languages in order to reach to even larger audience. We also intend to continue the education and research activities. We are also preparing for you next multimedia materials: infographics, lectures, webinars and interviews with experts.

Currently we start new projects, for which we are planning a number lectures, workshops and support groups with topics of senior's depression and psychooncology. All of it in the autumn!
And it's all for you and thanks to you.
Thank you for this year! We hope we didn't disappoint you and you will stay with us, together building awareness about depression.