The results of research on depression in work

Recent studies of the European Depression Association (EDA) have shown that as many as 10% of workers in European countries take time off work due to depression. This gives a total of more than 21 000 working days absences associated with this disease. A single episode of depression excludes the sick person from work for an average of 36 days.

Unfortunately, one third of managers complain about the lack of opportunity to get formal support in dealing with employees suffering from depression. 43% of them demands a change in policy and procedures for the protection of employees. In the work environment, there arises a need for changes to the regulations, which should include training and consultancy in the field of overcoming this problem.

It is estimated that 30 million Europeans will suffer from depression during their lifetime, which is why the disease is becoming a major threat to the mental health of people of working age.

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