Become our volunteer

Step by step, how to become a volunteer of the Wemenders Foundation:

1. On the Foundation's website in the tab "Become Our Volunteer" there are:

a. Application form

b. Policies

c. Volunteer development levels

2. Filling in the application form via e-mail is the preliminary stage of volunteer's verification.

3. The next stage of qualification of the volunteer is contact on the part of the Foundation's employee. Future volunteer will be additionally asked to:

a. Fill in a personal questionnaire, which he/she will receive by e-mail, and then sign and send the questionnaire back to a Representative of the Foundation to the e-mail address, from which he/she had received the questionnaire.

b. Read the Terms and Conditions set out in the "Become Our Volunteer" tab and then accept it by clicking the "I accept the Terms and Conditions" button.

4. After verification of the documents in terms of form, the Foundation's employee will contact the candidate and make an appointment for a meeting at the Foundation headquarters, or will conduct a telephone interview (for volunteers from outside Warsaw).

5. A Volunteer candidate becomes a fully-fledged Volunteer based on a decision of a Volunteer Coordinator (formal verification + meeting or telephone interview).

6. Before starting volunteer service, the parties: The Foundation and Volunteer determine the scope of the activities, as well as the time and place to providing services.

7. The Act on Voluntary Work obliges the Foundation and Volunteer to conclude the agreement. The Foundation's employee responsible for supervising Volunteer during his/her stay at the Foundation maintains permanent contact

with the Volunteer, supports and monitors the level of task implementation performed by the volunteer.