Our offer

We offer a two-hour free public lecture about depression "Depresja to nie tabu" (Depression is not a taboo) . The lecture is addressed to students and academic staff, and its aim is to raise awareness about the disease in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Framework program of lectures for students:

  1. What is depression - depression is a disease, not a weakness,
  2. Symptoms of depression,
  3. Types of depression,
  4. The role of a relative, how to recognize the disease and how to talk to someone suffering from depression,
  5. How to recognize the disease and how do one know that it is not only a decrease in mood, megrim, blues, but a disease,
  6. How to help a friend suffering from depression,
  7. Where and how to find help - the wemenders.com website.

Additional modules in the course for teaching staff:

  1. How to diagnose a student with the disease from the perspective of a Lecturer,
  2. How to talk with the student about the disease,
  3. Benefits for the University - a partner supporting the problem of depression ("Uczelnia Wra偶liwa" [Sensitive University])

If you or your University friends are interested in meeting with our Foundation and organizing an open lecture on depression at Your University, fill in the form and we will contact the authorities of the University and suggest a meeting.

Each University, where the Wemenders Foundation will give a lecture "Depresja to nie tabu" will be certified as "Uczelnia Wra偶liwa" , which will prove its serious approach to the issue of mental health among students.