Lecture in Gda艅sk

On the 5th of March, there was another public lecture titled "Depression is not a taboo" prepared by the Foundation Wemenders in cooperation with the School of Banking in Gdansk. Thank you for attending and actively participate in lectures. 

The series of lectures is a project of the Wemenders Foundation carrying out free open lectures for students and faculty members of universities throughout the country. The program aims at familiarizing young people with the dangerous disease that is depression and improving the competence of researchers in the field of caring for the students' peace of mind. The institutions that will decide to organize a lecture in cooperation with the Foundation, will be awarded a "Sensitive University" certificate.

The lecture in Gda艅sk consisted of theoretical and practical exercises. The audience had a chance to get a basic understanding of depression, recognize the symptoms and the causes of the disease among young people. The practical part included a simulated conversation with the sick person, restating negative thoughts into positive ones, and relaxation exercises. The lecture was conducted by two experienced psychotherapist - Ma艂gorzata Morka and Bo偶ena Paczuska-Ja艂owi艅ska.

We would like to thank School of Banking for its help in the organization and all those present for their participation and activeness in the meeting.