Blue Monday

January 21, 2013 was referred to as the most depressing day of the year. This day, known as Blue Monday, was calculated by a British psychologist Cliff Arnall with the use of a special formula. When constructing a mathematical model, he took into account weather, psychological and economic factors. The level of depression of that day is determined by such factors as low level of sunlight, loans taken for the holidays, the time elapsed since Christmas, and the awareness of not keeping New Year's resolutions.

In relation to the Blue Monday, the Wemenders Foundation representative, Kamila Raczy艅ska, gave interviews on several radio stations: Planeta FM, Polskie Radio 24, Radio Kampus, Radio Aktywne. She talked about whether Blue Monday is really the saddest day of the year, why depression is increasingly affecting young people and how to help a person suffering from this disease.

Here you can listen to interview on Radio Planeta FM:

When all the information from the world are talking about Blue Monday, a thick blanket of melancholy takes away energy, and winter deepens the feeling of a bad fate, we want to give you some light and hope. Look at the Phoenix that rises from the ashes and regenerate with it - feel the power of change. In spite of Monday.

Here you can read an article about Phoenix - a symbol of the Wemenders Foundation: