The next "Depresja to nie tabu" lecture

We cordially invite you to the next lecture in the series "Depresja to nie tabu" - this time in Pozna艅.

The lecture will be held at the Pozna艅 School of Banking on January 20 (Sunday) at 01:00 p.m. in the BR building, room 005.

The Wemenders Foundation and the PZU Foundation together against depression

In October 2012, the PZU Foundation has become a strategic partner of the Wemenders Foundation. The first Wemenders project supported by the PZU Foundation is a series of open, free lectures held under the slogan "Depresja to nie tabu" for students and teaching staff of universities throughout the country. The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of this serious disease, and to familiarize with ways of dealing with it.


Depression is not a taboo for students

The Wemenders Foundation launched the "Depresja to nie tabu" project. This project is a series of open, free lectures on depression, addressed to students and teaching staff at universities across the country. The main objective of the program is to raise the awareness of young people about the civilization disease which is depression, and which increasingly affects this social group. An important part of the project are also lectures addressed to the teaching staff and improving their competencies in the area of taking care of the students' psychological well-being. Those Universities that want to participate in this noble initiative, will be honored with a "Uczelnia Wra偶liwa" (Sensitive University) certificate. This distinction is awarded to institutions that are particularly concerned with the well-being of their students.


Launch of portal

We are happy to announce that soon we will launch portal. This is a comprehensive project devoted to the issue of civilization diseases. In the first stage we want to focus on the subject of depression in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. is a place where everyone, both patients and their loved ones interested in the issue of depression, will be able find comprehensive information on this subject, and specialists will be able to support them with their knowledge and experience to overcome the disease.